Breast Pumps

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S9+ hospital grade pump

These portable, hospital grade pumps are fully transportable thanks to a rechargeable battery (as well as mains plug-in) option.  They are light enough to hang around your neck or even put into your pocket. Express when ever you want, where ever you want.

This pump is $250

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S2 hospital grade pump, for sale or for hire.

Hospital grade electric double pumps. $300 to buy the complete kit outright or you can hire the base unit for $140 per month – please note, when hiring,  pump kits are included (tubing, cups, bottles etc)  valued at $60.00.



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Haakaa Breast Pumps


Awesome silicone manual pumps .

$27 or with postage $30

Breastfeeding Scales for hire

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Extremely accurate to 2 gram/ 2 ml breastfeeding scales, best used in conjunction with a lactation consultation and as a tool in increasing supply or measuring milk produced and transferred by baby whilst at the breast.

I hire these scales for $100 a fortnight and a deposit may be required as they are precision tools and require careful handling . Full instructions are offered when hiring.