Fires All Around .I am taking a break 23rd Feb- 1st March.


havey fireOver the past month we have nearly had our home engulfed by bushfires twice. We live in rural Western Australia in the small town of Harvey and our locale is Uduc. The first fire came to 10 meters of our back door and totally destroyed our next-door neighbours property where they grow and distil tea tree oils and other precious oils from locally grown sources.

The next fire was about 5 kilometres away but still had us all on high alert.

It is times like these that you start to appreciate what you have and the possibility of losing it all is a stark reality. Health and family are still the most important and precious but having a house to live in rates fairly high as well.

I have managed to keep offering Lactation Services during this time and next week I will be taking a weeks break just to relax and recover.

So from 23rd Feb to 1st March I will not be available or contactable as I will be overseas.

Thank you all for your support and continued referrals as they are much appreciated.

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