My time with indigenous mums and babies is so uplifting and enjoyable ,it really brings me back to reality .I am still away in Fitzroy Crossing refreshing my child health skills, but I still can supply Spectra Breast pumps and my Breastfeeding scales are also available for hire.


baby scales2

Breastfeeding scales are extremely accurate scales for measuring the       amount of breast milk a baby is able to transfer from a breast . If oral structures are compromised the transfer can be affected (tongue and lip ties) Or if mother has diminished supply then transfer is minimal(insufficient glandular tissue ,hormonal imbalances)Pumping breastmilk can also be an indication of supply but not as accurate as pre and post feed weight on accurate to 2g scales.

Double pumping always is more efficient and yield is higher and Spectra breast pumps are hospital grade pumps that are very affordable at $300  or the Spectra 9 plus is battery operated and rechargeable from mains power ,is also a double pump and even more affordable at $250. Both pumps come with a 2 year warranty, you cant get better than that.Spectra 9 Plus

Best hospital grade pumps for a reasonable price. hospital grade pumps for a reasonable price.



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