remote area nursing


indigenousEvery time I go remote and work in indigenous communities ,I learn so much and realise how far we have strayed from our instincts. Instincts and doing what comes naturally and having that go with the flow attitude tend to make parenting so much easier. When you have no expectations about where baby will sleep ,whether you will breastfeed or not ,when will you start solids , who will mind baby when you want a drink , how hot is too hot for room temp or bath temp. When you live from day to day or breastfeed to breastfeed and stop worrying that you have got attachment right or clothing is suitable for baby and can you breastfeed discretely in these clothes.

Stop overthinking and just get on with it and it will all work out, if there is a problem ,then get help ,don’t ask on a facebook page or search the internet. Indigenous families just do it and the number of tongue ties I saw was amazing but they still manage to feed so well.

Most families don’t have bassinettes or strollers /prams ,breast pumps ,video monitors  ,high chairs or baby swings but they manage ok and in some circumstances so much better than those with all of the trappings of  a modern society.

Trust your instincts and go with the flow.

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