Tongue and lip ties can and do affect breastfeeding. So many health professionals have no idea that they are a problem and also have no idea how to offer assistance to a mother and baby when a tongue tie is recognized. If you are suffering from nipple pain , lipstick shaped nipples ,a baby that cannot stay attached to breast , severe wind pain and so called colic or reflux in baby ,very slow to gain weight and always feeding ,then it is wise to have a check up with an IBCLC (lactation Consultant) who is familiar with tongue and lip ties.


This is a letter I received from a mother who had exclusively pumped for her first baby ,now 18 months and her now new baby is not gaining weight and every other health professional had said there is no tongue tie but a lip tie was recognized but they were advised that it didn’t affect breastfeeding. Both children had severe tongue and lip ties and the toddler had speech problems and was just stuffing food into his mouth and could not move it around and take it to the back of his mouth to swallow, so he was hiding food in his mouth and mum needed to constantly hook food out with her fingers. He was also drooling excessively. All of these problems could have been avoided if it was picked up earlier.

This is her story , thanks Becky for posting.


My little poppet is 3 months old. Which means I’ve been successfully breastfeeding for almost 3 months.

The first 5 days was torture.

If I had listened to everyone who said to hang in there and that pain is normal then I wouldn’t be here right now.

I would be exclusively pumping again.

The pain was unbearable.

He was feeding for 4/5 hours straight, having an hour break then doing it again. My nipples were cracked and bleeding. THAT IS NOT NORMAL. We noticed he had a lip tie but couldn’t see a tongue tie.

Baby-tongue-tie-4  lip tie 2

The peadatrician said they don’t EXIST!


The lactation consultants said his latch was perfect even though my nipples were squashed and ruined.

I trusted my gut and sought support from other mums.

I paid for an amazing IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) Debbie Garbin.

She came to my home and diagnosed Leo with an upper lip tie and a severe hidden tongue tie from latching him on to her finger as well as his symptoms.

She also noticed my toddler Roman was drooling, not able to talk properly and shoved food in his mouth and waited for it to dissolve. Upon checking him, he was diagnosed with both too. We knew he had a lip tie but his paediatrician also said it wouldn’t be an issue. Most aren’t trained in ties so they can’t give that advice I’ve now learnt. Anyway, we were sent to a dentist who specialises in lasering the ties. In the meantime she taught me different methods of latching to cope and explained he was drinking like sucking a squashed straw. Struggling to get milk out which is why he wasn’t gaining weight.

As soon as the ties were fixed, the pain was instantly gone and never felt again. My nipples healed within 24 hours, he gained 450g in the next week and slept through the night only feeding for 20 minutes a time during the day.

Roman started to purse his lips, eating amazingly now he could push his food around and is talking new sounds everyday.

I’m writing to this to help any mums who are struggling or in pain. Or if you know mums who are pregnant and had a difficult time trying to breastfeed last time.

There is hope, there is a solution. It can be pain free and easy.

No washing or prepping bottles before leaving the house, no sleepless night and dread when it’s time to feed in pain.

Please contact an IBCLC. They are in every state. If someone had told me when I was unsuccessful at feeding my first I would have been so grateful. Every mum deserves a great start to the beautiful bond that is breastfeeding.

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